Wolf Notes

Wolf Notes publishes writing by musicians, artists, critics and listeners of contemporary music and associated arts practice.

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Wolf Notes #8 (print edition)
Wolf Notes #8 brings together a collection of texts written by some of the most innovative composers working today, with each writing about one of their own compositions: Ryoko Akama, Antoine Beuger, Olivia Block, Seth Cluett, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Julia Holter, Sarah Hughes, Jason Kahn, Caroline de Lannoy, Dominic Lash, Joseph Clayton Mills, Tim Parkinson, Gino Robair, James Saunders, Mark So, Adam Sonderberg.The riso-print A5 edition is limited to 200 copies.
Wolf Notes #7 download

Daniela Cascella Lakes, Sounds, Sculptures, Really
Caleb Kelly Thoughts on the Representation of Sound
Sarah Hughes The Continuum of the Field
Wolf Notes 6
Wolf Notes #6 download
Seth Cooke No Locus
David R J Stent In Task of the Impossible
Daniel Barbiero StillnessEnergy-Sound
George Charman After The Rings of Saturn
 Jeph Jerman
Wolf Notes #5 download
Loren Chasse
Paths for a listener
Michael Pisaro What is Field? (presentation and round-table discussion)
Jeph Jerman Sound Diary
David Dunn An expository journal of extractions from wilderness (1981)

Wolf Notes #4 download

Jesse Goin
All I do is bring things into evidence
Salomé Voegelin The Possibility of sound – download audio
Patrick Farmer The observation of a star of a specific constellation
Jane Dickson Instrumental Indifference
David  R J Stent The Marker
Julia Eckhardt Collaborating Forever: Auto Interview
Will Montgomery Five Ways of Looking at Manfred Werder
Dominic Lash Inconclusive Paragraphs on Metonymy, Monochromaticism, Materialism
Polyproject: Poetry as Score
Fantastical Zoology by John Pisaro
Michael Pisaro Prepared Piano (sketchbook)
Jason Kahn Notes on “Unheard Delhi” – download audio
Adam Sonderberg Tick Mark Studies: Ramones – Ramones (Sire, 1976)
Simon Reynell Thoughts on not being a musician
Fantastical Zoology By Jeph Jerman
Richard Pinnell A place to Listen
Seth Cluett tracing moving circles – download audio
Joseph Clayton Mills Eighty-eight keys
Opening the argument: The critical theory of Kenneth Gaburo, with Larry Polansky, Chris Mann, David Dunn, Warren Burt. Chaired by Nate Wooley
Fantastical Zoology The Eggdogfish, by Tim Parkinson

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