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Patrick Farmer Close Eclogues on Tiptoe (2018)

Close Eclogues on Tiptoe is an epistolary experiment that recalls the author’s visit to Mass an exhibition by the artist Lotti V Closs in 2016. Drawing on the ‘character’ inherent in Closs’s sculptural practice, Close Eclogues on Tiptoe uses the work as a structural device that brings together various literary, compositional, visual, scientific, and sonic references. Moving away from the literary form of the letter as a means of drawing the sender and recipient closer, the protagonists in Close Eclogues on Tiptoe experience a division or estrangement, a void that allows them to stand back from themselves and witness their own disappearance.

£10 + postage
Risograph print; 188 pp; soft cover; 203x145mm. Limited edition of 100

Oscillate: Evan Parker, Matthew Herbert, Kaffe Matthews, and Mira Calix. Edited by Robert Stillman.
Emerging from a series of public artist talks of the same name at Turner Contemporary in Margate, the writings in Oscillate serve as fascinating literary counterpoints to the artists’ practices, giving valuable insight into the creative process and conceptual context for their work. Collectively, the diverse writings in Oscillate highlight the role that experimental art plays in both reflecting and influencing the cultural arena in which it is made and experienced. As such, the project represents a important addition to contemporary writings in the field of contemporary music and sound.
Published in collaboration with the School of Music and Performing Arts at Canterbury Christ Church University.

£7 + postage
Risograph printed in an edition of 300, A5, 50 pages.

SH Practice Composition cu 720

Practice Composition
Published at the conclusion of a year-long residency at South London Gallery (SLG), Practice Composition collects material relating to the exhibition One Dozen and Zero Units, held at SLG in March 2016. The publication includes an essay on the residency by David R J Stent, as well as documentation of Objects of Conjecture, a collaborative exhibition by Hughes and Stent from 2015.

£12 + postage
Edition of 500, published by Compost and Height, 2016  (52-pages, paperback, 28cmx22cm)


Listening and its not
With contributions from some of the most original voices to emerge in the field of writing in sound art practice over the last 10 years, Listening and its not invites readers to rethink the act of listening as an internal, imaginative, discursive, dialogic and political terrain.
With texts by John Boursnell, Daniela Cascella, Lawrence English, Nomi Epstein, Felicity Ford, Sarah Hughes, Amelia Ishmael, Jeph Jerman, Rob St. John, Caleb Kelly, Catherine Lamb, Richard Pinnell, Dawn Scarfe, David Stent, Nathan Thomas, Stefan Thut, Esther Venrooy, Salomé Voegelin, Mark Peter Wright, Paul Whitty, and Patrick Farmer.

£10 + postage
62 pages, digital print, paperback. Numbered edition of 500.
Published by Compost and Height and the Sonic Art Research Unit.

RMChapman 620

Angharad Davies Rydal Mount 
A text realisation by Neil Chapman, Holly Pester and David R J Stent

Rydal Mount presents the photographic score by Angharad Davies realised by three writers – Neil Chapman, Holly Pester and David R J Stent. Each has responded to the photographs, following instruction to use each as a stimulus for performance – in this case in the form of publication. The three contributions combine to form one realisation. The publication, initiated and edited by Sarah Hughes, is intended as a provocation to consider the boundaries of contemporary composition and the potential of its realisation in various media.

Riso-print A5; 26 pages; paperback. Edition of 200.

Gino Spread 620px
Wolf Notes #8


Wolf Notes #8 brings together a collection of texts written by some of the most innovative composers working today, with each writing about one of their own compositions: Ryoko Akama, Antoine Beuger, Olivia Block, Seth Cluett, Jane Dickson, Patrick Farmer, Bruno Guastalla, Julia Holter, Sarah Hughes, Jason Kahn, Caroline de Lannoy, Dominic Lash, Joseph Clayton Mills, Tim Parkinson, Gino Robair, James Saunders, Mark So, Adam Sonderberg.

The riso-print A5 edition is limited to 200 copies.

Yew Grotesque, by Patrick Farmer


Farmer has been working on this book for the last year as part of a joint commission from Sound and Music and Forestry Commission England. It was developed during a series of week-long residential trips to Grizedale Forest, Cumbria, where Farmer resided in a log cabin and spent time walking the forested area between Coniston Water and Lake Windermere. This direct relationship between the forest and the book is veiled, though the underlying presence is integral to its makeup.

wild horses think of nothing else the sea, by Patrick Farmer


A work akin to an esoteric notebook, a number of observations scrawled by the author whilst walking long sections of the Welsh Coast in 2012. Published by SARU and Compost and Height.

try i bark
try i bark, by Patrick Farmer


try i bark is the direct result of Farmer’s time spent in the Estonian parish of Mooste where he was MOKS artist-in-residence during the summer of 2011. Published by Compost and Height and Organized Music from Thessaloniki.

//2009// What do you make of what I say?


Curated by Julia Eckhart, //2009// was carried out throughout the year 2009 and involves ten sound artists who created a 7-minute piece in response to a composition by an unknown precursor.

Julia Eckhardt, Chiyoko Szlavnics, Mieke Lambrigts, Manfred Werder, Annette Krebs, Tim Parkinson, Olivier Toulemonde, Manu Holterbach, Aernoudt Jacobs and Anne Wellmer

£8 + postage

Split Series
Split Series
A series of twelve 3” CDR’s, each presenting a short piece by two artists. 


Free downloands now available. Lawrence English & Jeph Jerman, Ben Owen & Michael Pisaro, Alfredo Costa Monteiro & Lee Patterson , Ferran Fages & Bhob Rainey, Jon Mueller & Gino Robair, David Dunn & Patrick Farmer and Sarah Hughes, Rhodri Davies & Dominic Lash, Robert Curgenven & Jez riley French, Loren Chasse & Adam Sonderberg and Katherine Young, Eric La Casa &Tarab, Martin Kuchen & Will Guthrie, Angharad Davies & Mark Wastell and Jonathan McHugh