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Stephen Cornford

Water Yam
21 realisations of George Brecht’s Water Yam. Each performed during 2012 with contributions from:
Karin Rosenthal & Dean Rosenthal, Jessie Downs, Douglas Farrand, Peter Freeman, Tristan Gordon, Porter James, Kate Lash & Dominic Lash, Stephen Cornford , Loren Chasse , Henrik Olsson , David R J Stent , Jesse Goin , Anders Dahl, Daniel Barbiero, David Grundy, Jack Callahan, Jason Brogan & Mustafa Walker, Jason Kahn, John Grzinich, Neil Davidson & Liene Rozite, Carousel Collective, Michael T. Bullock, Phil Julian, Stefan Thut

Only [Harmony Series #17]

Michael Pisaro’s Only [Harmony Series #17]
21 realisations of Michael Pisaro’s Only [Harmony Series #17]. Each performed within the month of August 2009. With contributions from:
Adam Sonderberg, Barry Chabala, Ben Owen, Casey Anderson, James Saunders, Jason Brogan, Jason Kahn, Jez riley French, Joseph Clayton Mills, Julia Eckhardt, Julia Holter, Manfred Werder, Michael Pisaro, Patrick Farmer, Rhodri Davies, Richard Kamerman, Ryan Jewell, Sam Sfirri, Sarah Hughes, Steve Roden, Vanessa Rossetto

Enrico Malatesta

Radio Student
All downloads are recorded live at Radio Student in Ljubljana with music by Chip Shop Music, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Klaus Filip, Seijiro Murayama, Tomaž Grom and Pascal Battus, amongst others.