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The Animist Orchestra | 16.30 for Doug Haire
Dave Knott, Mike Shannon, Dean Moore, David Stanford, Rob Millis, Carl Leirman, Eric Lanzillotta, Rachael Jackson, Susie Kozawa, Esther Sugai, Jeph Jerman. Recorded at the Good Shepherd Centre, Seattle by Doug Haire.

Casey Thomas Anderson – Kitchen (206)
Electric stove. Vent. Teapot. Refrigerator motor. Coffee brewing. Newhall, California, 2009.

Brian Beaudry – How Would You Describe Yourself
Field recordings and equalizer. Vancouver, BC.

Earle Brown – December 1952
Jane Dickson (piano), Lawrence Williams (alto saxophone). Recorded live at The St. Davids Room, King’s College London, September 21st 2010.

Kyle Bruckmann & Timothy Daisy
Free improv duo.

Heddy Boubaker – The Fall of the Empire
Bass saxophone solo improvisation recorded in Studio La Maison Peinte near Toulouse in April 2009.

Michael T. Bullock – A Swim to the Gateway
Recorded at STEIM, Amsterdam, June 2009.

Michael T. Bullock – A Turn of the Pike (for Alasdair Roberts)
Recorded at STEIM, Amsterdam, June 2009.

Gregory Buttner | Saturday Night
Field recordings and sine tones. Recorded on a Saturday night in Hamburg with binaural microphones.

Maile Colbert | Fall Leave Tumble Song
Field recording of the Magnetosphere in Joshua Tree Desert at dawn.

Seth Cluett – Tracing moving circles 100 / 50 / 25  | Glass Performance
The recording documents the sound of circular motions made by moving a piece of glass in each hand against two pieces of glass placed flat on a table. The performance is finished when it is no longer physically possible to continue the action, allowing exhaustion to create variations in an otherwise steady simple sound-producing motion.

Joseph Clayton Mills | Agnosia
Instrumentation: Instructograph morse code machine, Acousticon carbon microphone hearing aid, tuning forks, antique wheelchair, shortwave radio, phonograph horn, feedback .Recorded 31 August 2008 in Chicago. Mixed 7 September 2008.

Chris Cogburn, Bonnie Jones and Liz Tonne – No Idea Festival 2008
Chris Cogburn (percussion) Bonnie Jones (electronics) Liz Tonne (voice)
Recorded live at the No Idea Festival 2008 in Austin, Texas on February 16, 2008 by Ryan Edwards.

Robert Curgenven – A + E 18 (extract and mix)
Three continuous recordings of guitar/amp feedback: recorded in afternoons in Berlin, Stralau 68 (July 2008) and Melbourne, Brunswick (November 2007). Field recordings: Winton, musical fence, daytime (November 2006); Kakadu National Park, near Jabiru, daytime (June 2006); Alice Springs, claypans, night (May 2007); Sydney, Royal Botanical Gardens, night (December 2007); wind, Tanami Desert, daytime (November 2006); Alice Springs, Jessie Gap, morning (May 2007).

Neil Davidson – Woads in no one
Field recording of Christmas tree wood-chippers, guitar.

Greg Davies | Fourteen Locations Along Hunter Creek
Recorded in December 2007 along Hunter Creek, near Payson, Arizona.

Diatribes and Hannah Marshall
Cyril Bondi (bass drum, objects) D’incise (laptop, objects) Hannah Marshall (cello). Recorded at Dampfzentrale, Bern, ch, 15.10.2010. Mastering by Christian Weber.

Lawrence Dunn – Farewell to a piano
The last recording made on a piano used for around 3 years.

Elklink (Graham Lambkin & Adris Hoyos) ‘Farm Stories part 1’

Graham Lambkin (Organ, Tapes), Adris Hoyos (Guitars). Recorded at Green Chimneys rehabilitation centre, Brewster, NY. August 2002.

Lawrence English and KK Null- Wind for the Trees
Recorded at Stradbroke Island with Japanese musician KK Null.

Patrick Farmer – gwenynen fel | y drenewydd
Bee hive recordings
01. Inside hive no 1 from top entrance
02. Inside hive no 3 from top entrance
03. Top ledge of hive no 3 above small entrance
04. Inside small entrance of hive no 4
05. On ceramic stopper of hive no 1
06. Top entrances of hive nos 3 and 4
07. Top right of hive no 2
08. Wood stopper of hive no 4

Patrick Farmer | Aeolian Trees
Three recordings of tree vibration in the wind. Recorded in Scotland and Hertfordshire between July 2007 and February 2008.
1) Gorse Bush. Recorded in Fir Wood, Potters Bar
2) Oak tree. Recorded in Fir Wood, Potters Bar
3) Pine Tree. Recorded in Moorvich, Scotland

Patrick Farmer | Howls
A contact mic recording of a doubled up fence

Steven Flato and Richard Kamerman | 20080705b
Steven Flato (electric guitar),  Richard Kamerman (mechanical parts, found objects). Recorded at home on a Saturday afternoon.

Luca Forcucci – Meta

Luca Forcucci – Unplugged impression

John Grzinich, Yannick Dauby, Maksims Shentelevs – revenant: podra
Live unedited recorded made on the evening of June 13th, 2007 in southeastern Estonia

Matt Hannafin – Cradle Tones 1 / 2 / 3
Arrangement of samplers, synths, and contact mics to sooth a child adverse to sleep.

Jack Harris and Matt Webb – My mum was going to call me Matthew
Jack Harris (Electronics) Matt Webb (Double Bass). Recorded May 2012, high up, on the 13th floor, somewhere in London.

Sarah Hennies – Psalms
Snare drum, woodblock, vibraphone.
1. Psalm One for vibraphone
2. Psalm Two for snare drum
3. Psalm Three for woodblock
4. Silver Streetcar for the Orchestra (Alvin Lucier)
5. untitled (1918-2000)

Julia Holter – A Gold Thunder
One-track live recording with voice, ukelele, and Casio

A phonetic translation into English of the sounds of the words of some Yugoslavian epic poems.

Manu Holterbach | Belladonna Borealis
Audio from sound installations 1997-2004.

Mike Hurley and Tony Marsh

Live recording at the Invention Convention, Birmingham.

Jeph Jerman – Live at Listen Space, NYC
Recorded live at Listen Space in NYC.  Pistachio shells, pine cones, rusty spring, Superball bows, tin lids, wooden bench, brass bowl.

Jeph Jerman – Putting the rabbit down
Field recording.

Jeph Jerman | Night Insects
Most probably roaches moving around in the leaves.

Bonnie Jones – Jones Family Farm
Jones Family Farm was recorded in May 2008, Amsterdam, STEIM.

Daniel Jones – Live at Seeds and Bridges
Electric guitar, turntable, CD player and modified CD’s, sampler, and amplified objects. Solo performance recorded 18th of October 2007 by Jez riley French at the Artlink Exchange in Hull.

Kelly Jane Jones – Synthesised Land from Dimension 11

Philip Julian | Artifact Number 3
Objects/surfaces used in this recording included alimunum foil, steel piping, sandpaper, cardboard, wood, ceramics, plastic, cotton and rubber. Improvised and recorded in London on Sunday 24th August 2008 by Philip Julian.

Jason Kahn – Room to Room
Audio from three recent site-specific sound installations exhibited in the city of Aarau, Switzerland.

Jason Kahn – Unheard Delhi 
An audio portrait of a city.
The full text of Unheard Delhi can be found in issue 2 of Wolf Notes.

Richard Kamerman – After the Great Wing War / Before Returning to the Edge
ASUS Eee PC, broken PCI sound card CT-4780, amplification devices.

Hitoshi Kojo – Kumoma / Shigemi / Mogari
Field recordings composed 2005/ 2006 in Epesses and Cully in Switzerland.

Eric La Casa | L’improbable Horizontal East
Audio from sound installation at the Gallery at Queen’s Tower Museum.

Dominic Lash – Erogen
For live electric guitar and prerecorded bass drum, contrabass, electric guitar and field recordings.

Dominic Lash – Ledig Lullaby
Untreated field recordings collected between the 27th July and the 3rd August 2010 on the premises of the Omi International Arts Centre. Edited and compiled in Geneva and Oxford in January 2011.

Dominic Lash – Noon Draw

Double bass. Improvisation. 2010

Dominic Lash. for four (2011)

Angharad Davies (violin), Julia Eckhardt (viola), Dominic Lash (doublebass), Stefan Thut (cello). From the ‘four quartets and four soli’ series.

Charlotte Law & Artur Vidal | Ode Action to Hélène Smith

Performed in London at Guerrila Studio on the 6 of July 2014

Liquid Friction Assemblage –  1/3
Chris Videll (percussion, objects, effects), Keith Sinzinger (keyboard, electronics, Fender bass, brass objects), Gary Rouzer (amplified objects, prepared electric bass), Daniel Barbiero (double bass).

Loris Live in Hamburg
Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes and Daniel Jones. Recorded at the Blurred Edges Festival 2010.

Goh Lee Kwang – sickl2007
All sources are 4’33”, for no particular reason other than it is a magic number.

Goh Lee Kwang | Stormy Weather
Recorded at my parent’s house, my hometown, Bukit Mertajam, Penang, Malaysia in June, July, and October 2007.

John Lely. String Trio or Quartet (2009/11)

Angharad Davies (violin), Julia Eckhardt (viola), Dominic Lash (doublebass), Stefan Thut (cello). From the ‘four quartets and four soli’ series.

Evan Lindorf-Ellery – 3rd February 2012
Field recordings, Chicago.

James Mcdougall – An opening in the canopy
James McDougall (Entia Non). All recordings taken at dawn in Mount Glorious National Park, South East Queensland, Australia.

Daniel Menche – RHS choir

Pali Meursault | Sur Place 3
Site-specific composition for cello, recorded during the night of the 4th of February, 2007, in the concrete basement of the future biggest swedish furniture store in Europe. Mixed & mastered in La F* de B* studio, Grenoble – France, 2007 – 2008.

Emmanuel Mieville – La Perle Noire
Material recorded in St Nazaire, France, in an oyster park. Aerial microphones and electronics.

Will Mongomery – Thames Water
Recorded with a pair of hydrophones between Festival Pier and Waterloo Bridge on the south bank of the Thames. The sounds include the Thames itself and water running from various outlet pipes set into the embankment. Recorded and edited April-July 2009.

Pascal Nichols | Heavy Mental
Drones and patterns using a claw bell, chopped down cymbals with handles, a bowl with a hole, a strapped up wok cleaner, a pitch pipe, a rototom frame, a tom, rosin, concentration, peace.

Thomas Martin Nutt – Two extended collages 1 / 2
Selected entries from Thomas Martin Nutt’ sketchbooks, reoriented here in two extended collages.

Ben Owen – wg3-20070519

Recorded at the Experimental Television Center, Owego, NY.

Ben Owen, Mike Shiflet, Brendan Murray
Live at Supreme Trading, Brooklyn, NY. October 2008.

Agnès Palier & Olivier Toulemonde – Les Galets Creux

Recorded live on 31/10/11 in Piednu – Le Havre, by Emmanuel Lalande

20.05.02 | Tim Parkinson, Michael Parsons, Manfred Werder

Cedric Peyronnet – Col de Puymorens
Unprocessed wind recording made on the Col de Puymorens in April 2002 using four microphones inside the tubes of a billboard stand during a mild snow storm. Mixed live to DAT.

Michael Pisaro. mind is moving #2,3,4,5 (1995/96)

Angharad Davies (violin), Julia Eckhardt (viola), Dominic Lash (doublebass), Stefan Thut (cello). From the ‘four quartets and four soli’ series.

Rick Reed & Colin Andrew Sheffield – Live in Austin

Excerpt from a live improvisation, recorded in concert at the Church of the Friendly Ghost in Austin, Texas – December 13, 2003. Recorded by Colin Andrew Sheffield

Jez riley French – Between gestures
one . between kinetics (live sections from performance at Sharmanka)
two . spaces between others (between scores, concert room at wandelweiser event)
three . between window and table (live sections from performance at 12 / 2)
four . between still morning and a long picnic (recording of room at 12 / 2)
five . between agedashi tofu, udon and central (recordings in restaurant and station) field recordings, zither, salt, glass lenses, lx-1 camera, paper, contact microphones, table, fingers, shells.

Jez riley French – live at Spike Island
Live recording of solo performance at Spike Island gallery, January 2008. Site-specific field recordings, zithers, objects.

Jez riley French & Neil Davidson
Sunday afternoon, 29th March, 2009 – Neil’s flat in Glasgow, in the kitchen with the window open.

Jez riley French – Recorded Clear Input Improvisation
Feedback loop created by plugging the output to the input on a guitar effects pedal in this case.

Samuel Rogers – On the Verge of Night
Performed by Nomi Epstein,  Sarah Hughes, Bruno Guastalla, Dominic Lash, Luke Nickel, Samuel Rogers, and David Stent. Recorded live at Cafe OTO by Samuel Rodgers, 18 July 2016.

Vanessa Rossetto & Barry Chabala – Viola and City  / Violacity
Viola improvisations made in response to environmental sounds recorded in New York City.

Vanessa Rossetto – Bookpacking 2
Recordings made in Texas, August and September 2010. While it is edited, there are no additions; no parts that were not recorded during the process of working. Some days it rained and some it did not.

Vanessa Rossetto | For Quiet Room
Environmental recordings made in one seemingly ‘quiet’ room; no instruments were played. Recorded January – August 2008.

James Saunders – location composite #1: Portbury Wharf 
Performed by Dominic Lash, Daniel Bennett, David Stent, Angharad Davies, Bruno Guastalla, Sarah Hughes, Kate Lash.

Julien Skrobek, Krzystof Safarz, Julek Gruda, Dorota Kancuccy  – Lipno
Dorota Kancuccy (bass), Krzystof Safarz (tone generator), Julien Skrobe (guitar), Julek Gruda (percussions). Recorded at the Halle Saint-Pierre in Paris, on July the 21st 2008.

Boris Snauwaert – Abandoned Rain
Field recordings of an abandoned cotton mill. Ghent, Belgium.

Adam Sonderberg – Older, Less Explicit Promises of Failure

Adam Sondeberg 9 (2006)

Letting: Study for an Impossible Landscape (2011)

DP (2011)

Joel Stern and Lloyd Barrett- Mead Google
A free improvisation session with Brisbane electro-acoustic guru Lloyd Barrett using percussion, bells, mbira, trumpet and handmade string instruments. Fuzzy radio broadcasts recorded outdoors during a 2006 trip to Ethiopia. Goatskin banjo pluckings from the same trip.

Michael Tanner – Bridegroom 

Michael Tanner – Sing the reverberate hills

Martin Taxt – Various Improvisations 1 / 2 / 3
Studio and home recording. Tuba and other horns, mouthpiece.

Martijn Tellinga – ‘Truth, Exercise for a Listener’

Sam Pettigrew (double bass), Rishin Singh (trombone), Jon Watts (handheld recorder). Recorded at Now Series #6 18/08/2012, Glebe Church, Sydney Australia.

Martijn Tellinga: Konzert Minimal & DNK Ensemble

Jason Alder (bass clarinet), Seamus Cater (duet concertina), Anne La Berge (flute), Hannes Lingens (accordion), Giacomo Lepri (clarinet), Koen Nutters (double bass), Jacob Plooij (violin), Rishin Singh (trombone), Semay Wu (cello). February 16-20, Monday to Friday 12:00 – 18:00.

Stefan Thut. vier, 1-12 (2010)

Angharad Davies (violin), Julia Eckhardt (viola), Dominic Lash (doublebass), Stefan Thut (cello). From the ‘four quartets and four soli’ series.

Thomas Tilly | Le Passe Muraille
Unprocessed field recording, Poitiers (France), February 2008.

Nikos Veliotis | Mugs on Speed
9 tea mugs on a wide piece of marble, fed amphetamines, and recorded while dancing.

Paul Vogel and Roy Caroll – Snowlady and Adrian sleep together

Clarinet recorded in Dublin and processes in Berlin to process. An ode to Snowlady the rescue cat and her first experience of the forest.

Simon Whetam | Ko Kradan Hermit Crab
Recorded at Ko Kradan, off the south west coast of mainland Thailand.

Simon Whetham – Night of the Owl
A live recording from ‘Night of the Owl’ – A Foundation, Liverpool – Saturday 15th November 2008.

Lawrence Williams – Construction for any instrument(s) 1 / 2 / 2′ / 3
Solo clarinet, recorded in 2011. Four movements (1, 2, 2′, 3).

Nate Wooley – The Almond (excerpt)
Trumpet tones, no extended technique, no processing. Listen very loudly or with headphones (or both).

Mark Peter Wright – Mal De Mer
Field recordings from the North East coast of England; Staithes, Sandsend, Robin Hoods Bay and Burniston. Audio originally part of FutureSonic07 Festival at the Manchester’s Victorian Baths . All recordings made on location during 2006.

Yannick Dauby & Yen-Ting Hsu – Preparing the sticky rice for Mayasvi

Tsou people of Tapangu village, in Alishan mountain area, Taiwan. 15 February 2010.

Yannick Dauby & Yen-Ting Hsu Treefrogs singing during Mayasvi

Image: Kelly Jane Jones