Celebrating International Women’s Day

Ryoko Akama, Gen

To celebrate International Woman’s Day 2017 we’ve selected ten pieces from the Compost and Height archive performed, composed, or written by female artists, musicians and composers:

Ryoko Akama – Gen (composed by Ryoko Akama, performed by Takashi Tsukakoshi, Girilal Baars, Ryoko Akama)

Angharad Davies – Rydal Mount (text realisations by Neil Chapman, Holly Pester and David R J Stent)

Jane Dickson and Lawrence Williams perform Earle Brown’s ‘December 1952’, 2010

Sarah Hennies – Psalms, 2009

Julia Holter – A Gold Thunder, 2010

Bonnie Jones – Jones Family Farm, 2008

Charlotte Law and Artur Vidal – Ode Action to Hélène Smith, 2014

Agnès Palier & Olivier Toulemonde – Les Galets Creux

Vanessa Rossetto – Bookpacking 4, 2010

Wolf Notes #7 – featuring Daniela Cascella, Caleb Kelly and Sarah Hughes

Julia Holter, A Gold Thunder

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