Martijn Tellinga: Konzert Minimal & DNK ensemble

IMG_1987Martijn Tellinga during, lasting..exhibition piece (MP3 , 97mb)
Konzert Minimal & DNK ensemble @ W139


Dear visitor,

You might encounter a space void of performers and sound, you might encounter a space with only a

single musician, you might encounter many of the 9 that participate. The different possible states of

this piece each ask for your attention in their own specific way. I’d like to suggest to you to take

your time for the situation that you encounter after entering the gallery. All, also the still ones, are

part of the work, equally important and about to change. Slow down and sit down. Listen and look.


February 16-20, Monday to Friday 12:00 – 18:00

5 consecutive days

6 hours daily

9 players enter the space for one hour (unannounced & uncoordinated)

audience comes and goes


Over the course of 5 days and within a timeslot of 6 hours, 9 musicians freely visit the gallery space

on a daily basis. They do so without informing each other. Playing positions have been fixed and

following their arrival each musician plays a one hour part from the same position every day. With the

permutation of the ensemble on a particular day left to chance, the piece displays a serial process of

dismantling and re-integration of its parts. More than being a work of long duration, ‘during, lasting..’

is comprised of reconfigured time. Accordingly, it can take the shape of a silenced space -an

environment of no or few sounds or activity-, of a compositional space enveloped by progressing

tones and including a multitude of instruments, or of one of the many transitionary stages in


Score parts describe simple patterns of sound and silence; sustained distinguishable tones only, one

by one or in pairs, repeated to form units and generally quiet. Between tones, a long or even longer

rest. No intended rhythmical correlation between parts has to exist, they are to overlap freely, or

not. The number of musicians present in the space at a certain moment sets the interaction between

their parts, the daily assemblage of the ensemble over time the unfolding of a form.


Jason Alder – bass clarinet

Seamus Cater – duet concertina

Anne La Berge – flute

Hannes Lingens – accordion

Giacomo Lepri – clarinet

Koen Nutters – double bass

Jacob Plooij – violin

Rishin Singh – trombone

Semay Wu – cello




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