Brief interludes into tendency, a conversation between Patrick Farmer and Mark Peter Wright


Patrick Farmer and Mark Peter Wright in conversation to discuss their new publications; Farmer’s Yew Grotesque, published by Compost and Height and Wright’s Tasked to Hear, published by Corbel Stone Press.

The full conversation is available on the Sound and Music blog, The Sampler.

A short extract:

MPW. There’s a line early on from Yew Grotesque that jumped out at me, almost like a declaration of intent. It reads:

“Grey picks up himself. Shuts his eyes, looks in the mirror and says: this isn’t about how to listen, or what to listen to”. I want to say what is Grey rather than who? Can you talk about the central character of your book: how did he emerge? What does he represent? What is his relationship to listening?

  1. PF. It’s interesting that you ask what, as my friend Sarah Hughes and I have been talking a lot lately about the qualities of listening, as opposed to qualities of the listener. Essentially I think the two, listening and the listener, are inseparable, but it’s an intriguing premise, one based of necessity around speculation. When asked, what, Grey is, I can only assume that he is the summation of the two phantoms in the book, Buñuel and Lorca, who are essentially projections of Grey’s mind, the forced inner world the book revolves around, they’re not characters per se, yet they have total power over him, for reasons I hope I’ll get into later….

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