Compost and Height Archive: Elklink (Graham Lambkin & Adris Hoyos) ‘Farm Stories part 1’


“I was beginning to feel rather saddened by the initial optimism now undermined by such jerky abstraction, when boom!…Elklink…Hmm…Such fine, nice folks, too. Over from England, not a reptillian bone about Graham Lambkin and Adris Hoyos…Shadow Ring vagabonds…”Well, I thank it went accadin’ ta plan”, Lambkin commented to me when asked about their performance while under the rush hour heat of learning all about parking meters in between the show’s intermission. You betcha’, if your plan was to have a pre-recorded tape sail the sounds of ‘carrots gittin’-chopped up” as some guy named Scott, who looked too much like AL Franken wearing an orange jumpsuit, stands and literally shreds a dozen carrots with a grinder onto a plastic bowl on-stage in obvious effect and product to the sound that seems to be the only thing doing much of anything; while Lambkin rips open the flat of his guitar strings with screws and all compressors available on hand, and lastly, Hoyos, back turned to the audience, slapping one cymbal for half an hour to an absolute pulp, hellenic rape and nothing stands stood…yeah, sure, it went all to plan, jesus. But I believe, and boy do I, that there are a few people left in this world who take life a little more seriously besides shootin’ up a lot of urban noise and indulgence that we and I all day pretend to call music, cuz’, well, hey, it’s easy. Stop!… Call Jack Rose” – Carson Arnold

Recorded at Green Chimneys rehabilitation centre, Brewster, NY. August 2002.

Graham Lambkin – Organ, Tapes.
Adris Hoyos – Guitars

Elklink – Farm Stories part 1 (10:39)

Drawing by Graham Lambkin

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