Either Ear #1: Ryoko Akama and Sarah Hughes

Sunday, 2 November. OTO Projects

Ashwin Street; London, E8 3DL 3-8pm, free entry

Either Ear is a new series of one-day exhibitions initiated by SoundFjord and Kostis Kilymis of Organized Music from Thessaloniki. It aims to provide short injections of sound art, sound by artists, or art by musicians and to provide fresh context for these practices. It is a series that challenges participants and seeks to pull at artistic and other creative practices. Either Ear is a provocation, welcoming new and inventive dialogue incited by process, performance and juxtaposition of works and ideas.

For its first event, Either Ear will present installations from two UK-based artists, Ryoko Akama and Sarah Hughes. Both are linked to the aesthetics of reductionism and open forms in their musical output, and have a rich and wide-ranging practice outside of it. Either Ear aims to present some of the further reaches of their work.

Featured works:

Ryoko Akama – ajar, for sine tones and glasses

Sarah Hughes – Truss, sculptural composition

Sound artist and composer, Ryoko Akama, is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Huddersfield with Monty Adkins and Phillip Thomas, where she co-organises HudHack (DIY electronics workshop) and re.sound (concert series). She approaches the aesthetics of silence, time/space in her compositions which often use written texts. Akama also explores sound performance with old synthesisers and produce installations with small objects and electronics. Akama pursues the quality of minimal, reductive and abstract sonic experiences. She runs melange edition label and co-edits Reductive Journal. interview found on the Wire magazine (UK) July 2013.

Sarah Hughes works across sculpture, installation and composition. She has exhibited and performed internationally, with exhibitions including: NOW NOW, Sydney Non Objective; Open, Oriel Davis Gallery, Powys;The Silence on the Floor of my House, Supplement Gallery, London; The Wharf Road Project, V22, London. Concerts have included performances in:Musee de Beaux Arts Nantes, France; The Wulf, Los Angeles;Blurred Edges, Hamburg; POLYply; London, and Café OTO,London. She is the co-founder of Compost and Height, Wolf Notes and BORE publishing.

SoundFjord is an itinerant curatorial platform dedicated to commissioning, promoting and disseminating sound art. SoundFjord fosters research and critical listening practices, and encourages a deeper understanding of the sonic arts through new experiences, cultural knowledge and skills exchange, education and play. You will find its activities online, on air and insitu.

Kostis Kilymis is a London-based artist and musician who doubles as producer and promoter. Through the Organized Music from Thessaloniki label he has been responsible for the dissemination of several challenging music works, as well as the occasional promotion of concerts and in situ events in the fields of sound art, free improvisation and noise.


Cafe Oto Project Spacce Exterior

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