Jane Dickson and Lawrence Williams perform Earle Brown’s December 1952

Jane Dickson & Lawrence Williams – Earle Brown ‘December 1952’ (11:57)

“December 1952” by Earle Brown, recorded live at The St. Davids Room, King’s College London, September 21st 2010 by Lawrence Williams (alto saxophone) and Jane Dickson (piano)

Lawrence Williams and Jane Dickson have worked together as a duo over the last year. Their work together consists of an interest in the meeting point of composition and improvisation and alternative methods of notation.

Jane Dickson is a London based pianist and composer. She specialises in augmenting acoustic instruments with live electronics for improvisation and composition using custom built systems in Max/MSP. She is studying composition at doctoral level at Goldsmiths, University of London where her current interests are the aptness of the use of live electronics with acoustic instruments in composition, the notation of live electronics and performance aesthetics.

Lawrence Williams is a tenor and alto saxophonist and composer. Having lived in London for the last nine years, he attended Eddie Prevost’s improvisation workshop during 2007. He currently lives in Budapest. He has a strong interest in interdisciplinary collaboration and works extensively with theatre, dance and sometimes circus. He continues to curate and organise concerts where and when he can which usually focus on placing musicians in unique and sonically interesting spaces.

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