Live at OTO Project Space

Cafe Oto Project Spacce Exterior

Jack Harris & Samuel Rodgers: Live at Cafe Oto Project Space (.aif 26:22)

Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis: Live at Cafe Oto Project Space (.aif 21:05)

Sarah Hughes, Kostis Kilymis and Samuel Rodgers: Recorded at Cafe Oto Project Space (.aif 23:51)

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Samuel Rodgers
With thanks to Richard Pinnell

Recorded at Cafe Oto Project Space to mark the occasion of Organized Music from Thessaloniki’s latest release, ‘Wasted Five Years’, from Samuel Rodgers and Jack Harris.

Rodgers and Harris have been close collaborators for a number of years, meshing feedback, amplification, electronics and field recording approaches into their own blend of improvised music. Going to great lengths to welcome the influence of ambient and environmental sounds into their work, this latest recording finds them playing along to the sounds of an empty office complex at Nuneaton, UK. For their performance at OTO Project Space, they performed alongside the urban noise of Dalston.

Sarah Hughes and Kostis Kilymis started working as a duo in 2012. Their collaboration has resulted in a few of hours of improvised music, an interpretation of a George Brecht score, and a fixed document in the shape of the Consumer Waste cdr edition, ‘The Good Life’. They perform infrequently and intuitively, using a combination of zither, piano and electronics.

Hughes, Kilymis and Rodgers recorded an improvisation at the Project Space before the concert. The recording is made available here and marks the introduction of a new collaboration.

Live at Cafe Oto Project Space

The OTO Project Space is located just around the corner from Cafe OTO. It was created as a space for artists to develop new work and for OTO Projects to present workshops, talks, film screenings and installations relating to the core programme at Cafe OTO. The building was designed by Assemble – a young, critically acclaimed design practice based in London – and built by a team of more than 30 volunteers. Supported by the Barbican.

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