Only [Harmony Series #17]

Port Of Dover

Only [Harmony Series #17] by Michael Pisaro, realisation by Seth Cooke (33:26)
MP3    |  WAV

Steel sink; electronics

Anywhere Anything Happens. On the chalk cliffs overlooking the port of Dover all life materialises, detected, surveilled, in countless acts of observation, then passes – translucent, then transparent, then gone – beyond the border. Engines, announcements, wind through grass, quiet loud still turbulent. Moments frozen; time like glass, space like glass; listening to listening to listening; the serpent coils on itself. Your attention, please.

Seth Cooke – Dover, Kent, UK – 3rd June 2013

In 2009 Jason Brogan and Compost and Height curated a series of 21 realisations of Only [Harmony Series #17]. Full details and downloads are available here.

Recording Only

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