20.05.02 | Tim Parkinson, Michael Parsons, Manfred Werder

20.05.02 album download

Manfred Werder für eine(n) oder einige ausführende(n) (2001-)
performed by Tania Chen, David Ryan and Manfred Werder
Michael Parsons Levels (version for organ 2002)
Tim Parkinson  four pieces (2000) for piano

Download: 20.05.02

A very limited edition print of the original concert flyer was made available from Compost and Height to accompany this download. It has now sold out.

Tim Parkinson discusses 20.05.02:

I met Manfred Werder in 2001. He was living in Whitechapel at the time. We used to meet in Hoxton and have long conversations over Guinness. In our conversations, amongst everything else we had no doubt talked about simultaneity as a structure, as a natural feature of the experience of sound in the world. Manfred’s music exists as part of the sound of the world, and I was exploring simultaneity in my music at the time.

In 2002 Manfred was no longer living in London. He proposed a concert together with Michael Parsons of three works performed concurrently. (I like the description that they are concurrent. It implies specific and parallel threads to pay attention to, rather than the word “simultaneous” which implies a more open general blend of identities.)

I had been performing concerts at St Cyprian’s church since 1999.It is a church on Glentworth Street, near to Baker Street. It was reasonably quiet and cheap to hire. There were chairs instead of pews. For this concert, Manfred removed most of the chairs, leaving a large open space. Instead of having the piano at one end, he placed it in the middle of the space, a little to one side. Michael Parsons played the organ which is at the back of the church. Manfred performed with David Ryan and Tania Chen seated around the sides of the performance space.Manfred’s piece was für eine(n) oder einige ausführende(n) (2001-) performed by Manfred on guitar, David Ryan on bass clarinet and Tania Chen on violin.  für eine(n) oder einige ausführende(n) is an early text score of his that features the words a lot of time / a few sounds / for itself / simple.Michael’s piece was Levels in a new version for organ (2002). Levels had several previous incarnations, for example as a stereo recording for Greek Radio in 1990 and as a 4-channel installation at Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge in 1996.  The pitch material is all derived from an early version of the piece made in 1968.

I chose to play my  four pieces (2000) for piano, each of the pieces performed at predetermined points widely spread apart within the hour.

The performance was to last 60 minutes.