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This special issue of Wolf Notes complements two concurrent exhibitions: ‘Uncommon Ground: Land Art in Britain 1966-1979’ at Southampton City Art Gallery and ‘Nancy Holt & Robert Smithson: England and Wales 1969’ at the John Hansard Gallery. Together, these two shows combine the largest survey of Land Art in Britain with the first overview of the photographic and sculptural works made by Smithson and Holt during a visit to the UK in 1969.

In response to the John Hansard show, Bang the Bore presents ‘Displacement Activity’, a live event featuring composed music, text works and field recordings that take the inspiration from the work and methods of Smithson and Holt. Alongside compositions by Manfred Werder and James Saunders, the concert includes a performance by Seth Cooke derived from a sonification of Smithson’s Mirror Displacement methodology and a publication by Neil Chapman and David Stent based on the slide presentation Hotel Palenque 1969.

This issue of Wolf Notes brings together further texts by Cooke and Stent, alongside writing from Daniel Barbiero and George Charman. These contributions combine to explore interconnected themes of place, space, displacement and site, extending the range of discourse surrounding these two exhibitions to include composition, field recording, writing and research.