Writing Sound

Significant landscape
Writing Sound explores connections between listening and writing, sound and text, audition and record. Patrick Farmer – curator of Writing Sound 2012 – invited practitioners from the fields of visual art, cultural geography, experimental composition, and sound art, to join him in sharing their thinking and writing, their approaches to recording the experience of reception, and negotiating the complex and subtle relationship of location, action, sound and word.  Writing Sound is a project of the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) that takes the form of an annual symposium, initiated by Paul Whitty.
Writing Sound 2012 was held at Oxford Brookes University on 7th November 2012. Essays and audio can be downloaded below:
Salomé Voegelin – Airplanes landing
David R J Stent – You Hear Intimate Proximity
Michael Pisaro – A lot of silence
Daniela Cascella – Listening, Reading, Writing
Patrick Farmer – Asymmetry By Gone Done With
Writing Sound was part of the Significant Landscapes Festival, full details of the festival can be found here.