Water Yam

Stephen Cornford

21 realisations of George Brecht’s Water Yam performed throughout 2012
Karin Rosenthal & Dean Rosenthal, Jessie Downs, Douglas Farrand, Peter Freeman, Tristan Gordon, Porter James, Kate Lash & Dominic Lash, Stephen Cornford , Loren Chasse , Henrik Olsson , David R J Stent , Jesse Goin , Anders Dahl, Daniel Barbiero, David Grundy, Jack Callahan, Jason Brogan & Mustafa Walker, Jason Kahn, John Grzinich, Neil Davidson & Liene Rozite, Carousel Collective, Michael T. Bullock, Phil Julian, Stefan Thut

Karin Rosenthal & Dean Rosenthal – 2 Umbrellas (01:10) | 3 Piano Pieces (00:13)
Audio download

Julia EckhardtWater Yam

Stephen Cornford – Impossible Effort
Visual Documentation

Jessie Downs, Douglas Farrand, Peter Freeman, Tristan Gordon, Porter James – Event (Pulse)- start stop, Mallard Milk, Exercises (limits), Exercises (centre), Table, Two durations (red, green), Six exhibits.
Conversations, activities, exercises and realisations

Kate Lash & Dominic Lash – Flute Solo

Loren Chasse – Drip Event (green goblet) & Three Lamp Events
Video and Audio documentation

Henrik Olsson – Various Events
Drip Music (Second Version), Position, an insect nearby, Three Aqueous events

David R J Stent – A Fingertip on Black Bulb
Limited edition pamphlet


Anders Dahl – Organ
Audio download (01:23)

Daniel Barbiero – Pulse
Video, image and text (02:00)

Daniel Barbiero – Pulse II
Recorded with the door open during a power outage following a brief but violent late summer storm (10:56)

David Grundy – Drip Music
Two realisations of Drip Music with accompanying text

Jack Callahan – Instruction and Two vehicle events
Audio download (00:08)

Jason Brogan & Mustafa Walker – Various Events
A collection of image and film from various pages

Jason Kahn – Air Conditioning

John Grzinich – Comb Music
Video download (03:32)

Neil Davidson & Liene Rozite – 2 exercises
Audio download (20:49)

Carousel Collective – Mallard Milk
Video download

Michael T. Bullock – Thursday
Short document outlining performance

Phil Julian – Symphony No. 2 – Turning
Slow manual sweep (turning) of a Chua chaotic oscillator with a range from pure sine wave to chaos and bifurcation phenomena. (06:41)

Stefan Thut – Drip music (second version)- WAV | MP3
Audio download (1hr 48mins)