Agnès Palier & Olivier Toulemonde – Les Galets Creux

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Agnès Palier
 – voice | Olivier Toulemonde – acoustic objects

An attempt at a (non) exhaustive sound inventory. To be completed by the listener:
breath, squeak, crunch, laugh, scratch, creak, screech, murmur, whisper, wind, explode, cry, moan, wail, sing, grunt, gargle, splutter, crackle, click, stroke, rub, slam, scrub, polish, sigh, whistle, hiss, lisp, swish, chirp, chime, clink, cough, tinkle, miaow, sneeze…

Recorded live on 31/10/11 in Piednu – Le Havre, by Emmanuel Lalande
Picture : Delphine Boeschlin

Les Galets Creux (36:31 – WAV)