New Works: Manfred Werder | Ben Owen |Patrick Farmer

New works: Manfred Werder | Ben Own | Patrick Farmer presented new work from three leading musicians and composers. The exhibition was part of Audiograft 2012, and was accompanied by the publication of Wolf Notes #3

ben owen

New Works

new works

Manfred Werder was born 1965 and is a composer, performer and curator. His work focuses on possibilities of rendering the practices regarding composition and field. His recent scores have featured either found sentences from poetry and philosophy, or found words from whatever impacts. His performances, both indoors and outdoors, aim at letting appear the world’s natural abundance. Earlier works include stück 1998, a 4000 page score whose nonrecurring and intermittent performative realization has been ongoing since December 1997.

Ben Owen works with sound, recording, light, projections and print. He is interested in the relationship between the spatial aspects of existing sound fields, intervened environments, and the projection and reflection of light. Locations are an active and physical palette, much like an improvisational setting where control is relinquished.

Patrick Farmer is a musician and sound artist working within improvisation, field recording, and composition. Commonly referred to as a percussionist, Farmer will often enlist the help of a drum or turntable to act as a resonator for natural materials or filtering field recordings. He is a founding member of the Set Ensemble and co-runs the Compost and Height label.

This exhibition was part of Audiograft, an annual festival organised by the Sonic Art Research Unit at Oxford Brookes University and was supported by Arts Council England, SARU, Oxford Brookes University, Prohelvetia: Swiss Arts Council, Swiss Cultural Fund in Britain and Audiograft.

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